• Just take a note

    Privacy first, fast, simple & from every device - wherever you are.


    Get it free for Android with storage for up to 100 notes

  • Highlights


    Focus on speed. No-frills UX that doesn't get in your way.

    Get that note done.


    Easy to use. Don't get lost in 1000 options and focus on getting the task done.


    High-secure encrypted storage in datacenter in Switzerland. Accessible worldwide - with just a browser and our mobile app.

  • Why use Mykonote

    Donkey vs. Elephant


    • Just take a note, quick & easy
    • Powerful full-text search
    • Works offline in any browser
    • Securely stored in Swiss datacenter
    • Open Source


    • Notes, Notebooks, Tags, Chat, Sharing bla bla bla
    • Frequent sync problems
    • Needs installed client for offline support
    • Closed source
  • Start taking notes today!

    Get the free app for Android App free incl. storage for up to 100 notes or

    get the open source version for installing on your own server.

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